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The company of New Zealand natural silk thermal underwear is ideal for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and camping. Our top quality, single link (link) silk, lingerie elastic silk. Light weight, super elastic and breathable is ideal for thermal underwear and feels silky and soft to the skin. It is washable, quick drying machine can easily in a backpack and rolled up and stored. Silk thermal underwear long ago super comfortable pajamas, if you are traveling. . Silk thermal underwear consists of a pure buy quick trim nz and natural fabric that provides insulation and breathing, thus is not overheating. Underwear New Zealand to buy silk, is easy and convenient. Nature of the New Zealand company has managed the lingerie of the highest quality silk sleepwear and clothing for the northern hemisphere for more than 10 years - we supply only 'pop' on the Ecuador!It is easy to order: you can find the prices in your own currency, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. Sterling, euros, USD and AUD $ $ prices include shipment to France. The NZ dollar prices do not contain any delivery - instead a courier package there are 8 dollars for each command. In the majority of cases, we process and send your order the same day, we get. Each order is secured, delivered quickly and is executed by the local postal service. We try to send your thirst quickly and safely. Your order within 2 weeks should be so simple. Your satisfaction is guaranteed: to share or for purchase, if you are not 100% satisfied. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. It guarantees us to refund or Exchange any product that isn't 100% satisfactory. It is very easy! All products shipped are insured. .