Quick Edge Trim

For this page only: RIM-alluminio-core ornaments are often out of stock. -Minimum order quantity is the length of the roller (' = feet) as shown. . These precision stainless steel bands single shape creates a sleek and finished on custom installation. Available in polished stainless steel, representing virtually every backguard installation tile or sheet will improve. Also available in metallic finish available. Protective edge trim U Black Gate Gard edge style beaded trim Gard ® brand item # 22-05Sold and 5 prices in increments of one foot; command 1 = height = RollOrder continuously from 5-foot-10 foot RollOrder 3 2 15 foot continuous RollAnd = thus, up to a 150 feet wide. Features: Deterioration can be prevented border forms the black door unpleasant bumps and scratches. Make sure the vehicle with a few covers choice offered as a heavy car door guard outwards. Maintain the beauty of your car for years with quick-install car door edge guard. Forget not your game fender trim or paint touch-ups. Between tight parking and rage that every day in and out of your vehicle, the edges of the field bears the weight of ugly scratches, dents, balls and that is exactly what makes this black door edge protection TrimGard. This Gard trim is easy to install car guarded the black edge of the door, car door damage control when you add a stylish black accent. Each section of this trim Black Gate has a deep 1/4 channel U-shaped and has a thick outer width outer 9/32 11/32. These corner protectors black accessory port were made a permanent polymer bounce back after impact and protection of PVC trim feature to the black as new as the day I installed. Install this machine black protection hose door by car, truck, or SUV is easy and we don't have even the installation instructions available online for your convenience. So don't buy too much, or who receive little to protect its ports, we offer this machine molding trim black Gard is here in increments of 5 feet and 2 receive a quantity of ordering a continuous 10 ft, 3-reel a continuous roll 15 feet, etc., u-shaped channel, with tape, hugs and covers the edge of the door of the cabinthen is damaged instead of veneer and paint this black door protector pad flexible guards take the abuse! Black Board sets look protector is quick edge trim not just the target their vehicles also accents black emblems and badges! Technical data: application: press Colorcreando: BlackLength: to LengthStyle: U ShapeThickness: 9/32 (on the outside) type: FlexibleWidth: external width = depth of InchChannel 11/32 = 3/16 w/flexible adhesive to build the BeadOutside of 9/Dicke Mylar = 32 inches-Please note: If you need more than 150 foot lengths or custom lengths, please contact our Office of revenue to support to get. Note: not suitable for models of the Saturn Vue. 5 foot sold and a price increments. the continuous agenda 1 = the amount of the amount of foot-5 RollOrder 2 = number of continuous RollOrder by 3 feet = 10 a continuous 15 RollAnd, etc, up to a full role of 150 ft. .